My favorite Skincare product by Lucy Petrova

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My favorite hydrating toner product is Pevonia Myoxy Caviar Lotion. It has a unique ability to capture and deliver essential moisture deep into the skin epidermis. Here is a brief description of the product:

Brief Description:

Perfect for after cleanse to complete cleansing ritual, as well as to hydrate and replenish.

Primary Benefits:

Complete the cleanse, remove tap water impurities, and prepare the skin for further treatment with this alcohol-free toner that is a vital second step for reducing signs of aging.

Who Needs It:

The product is uniquely formulated for skin types of any age and skin concerns. No contraindications are known. It is ideal for even oily complection, since it will deliver essential moisture without adding oil or disrupting Ph. balance. Wonderful for dry, mature skin with lines and wrinkles and looseness or sagging that needs a non-drying toner to perfect the cleanse, prepare the skin for further treatment as well hydrate, repair, brighten and reverse signs of aging.

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