Messy Hair by Natalie Strother

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Spring is in the air and all new seasons come with new hair trends. A huge trend I’ve been seeing is the tousled bed head look. I’ve had a lot of clients ask how to achieve this look, so I thought it would make a perfect “how to” blog.

1. You’re going to need to start with dry hair. Either air dry or rough dry it with a blowdryer. Apply dry shampoo to the roots to get a little lift.
2. Divide hair into medium horizontal sections and spray a sea salt spray (Ouidad has an amazing one that doesn’t dry out the hair at all because it has aloe in it).
3. Wrap hair around a 1 inch curling iron, leaving out about 1 to 2 inches of bottom of your hair. Curl in alternating directions with each section.
4. Now, you’ll want to smooth some of the curl. Take vertical sections and smooth with a flat iron. Take random sections of the hair and do a twisting motion by either making bends up or down. Make sure to keep the flat iron on low heat to help with any damage.
5. Smooth ends with flat iron
6. Finger comb hair
7. Twist ends into mini dreadlocks
8. Spray hair with favorite hairspray (Moroccan Oil medium hold) and then break apart with your fingers and you’ve achieved your look!
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