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“We Care” Fundraising

A Great way to raise money for your organization!

Picasso Day Spa and Salon has a NEW ” program” that can help you raise money for your school, club or even a specific team or cause.

This program gives you several options:

1. We can become the “Official Salon & Spa” of your School, Club or team and then any person, new to Picasso, that comes in to our Spa/Salon that mentioned you would be automatically “flagged” as being your fundraising contributor. Any money spent by that contributor at Picasso would be logged and 10% of the total would be paid to your club or specific team. You would continue to get the 10% even for future appointments that the customer makes, allowing you to continue to fund-raise on an ongoing basis with us.

2. We can also help you do a short fundraiser. If we do a short fundraiser for your organization, any person, including our current clients that mentions your organization would become a one time contributor to your organization. For the day or the week the short fundraiser duration your organization would receive 10% of any money spent by your contributors.

Please call David for details at 904-540-9660

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