Get 4th of July Ready with Stacey Cox

stacey cox june blog 2If you want this to be you this 4th of July I’m here to help! While I can’t give you her abs I can make you just as smooth and beach ready. From your eyebrows down to your toes and everywhere in between you can feel confident that you will enjoy your 4th of July festivities without all that unwanted hair.  To schedule an appointment with me Stacey Cox; Give us a call at 904-247-6670.

Waxing is NOT just for Ladies by Stacey Cox

stacey cox june blog 1Gentlemen! Summer is here and it’s time to get ready. Waxing isn’t just for the ladies. So come and get rid of your unwanted hair and get ready to hit the beach with confidence. To Schedule a waxing appointment with Stacey Cox; Give us a call at 904-247-6670

The Sunscreen talk again! by Stacey Cox

image preventionI know what you’re thinking.. the sunscreen talk again?! Yes. It’s a critical  element to your skincare routine. And not just when you’re at the pool or the beach. It’s something to get in the habit in everyday, rain or shine. UV damage is happening all the time; while we drive or walk to get the mail. And don’t be fooled by a cloudy day either.  Those sneaky rays can still come through to damage our skin causing fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and even skin cancer.  So do your skin a favor and lather up!!!

Bright Eyes by Stacey Cox

Let’s face it.. sometimes coffee just isn’t enough to give us the bright eyed look we all hope for. Lucky for us we have image skincare! They have created a wonderful eye cream to help combat those dark circles under your eyes. Make your appointment today to learn more and see what other exciting image products we offer!  illuma


Get Silky Smooth for Valentines Day by Stacey Cox

waxValentines day is just around the corner and it doesn’t matter if you’re single, dating, married or anything in between… all that matters is that you’re silky smooth. So do it for yourself or do it for a loved one but it’s time to do it! Call and book your appointment with a waxing professional today.  To Schedule an Appointment with Stacey Cox; Give us a call at 904-247-6670.

Manicures aren’t just for Mom Anymore! by Stacey Cox

stacey cox january blog 1Manicures aren’t just for mom. It’s always fun to include the kids. They love being included and we at Picasso enjoy having them. So come by and let us help you make more fun memories with your loved ones :)


To schedule an appointment with Stacey Cox; Give us a call at 904-247-6670

It’s 2015! Let’s get old school! By Summer Ostrom

It’s 2015!!! Let’s Go Old School…..

A new year and a new you? At least that’s what we hope, right? I believe part of being a “new me” involves feeling confident and comfortable in what I look like. I know I get a serious confidence boost when someone compliments me on my outfit or makeup. Secretly inside I’m like “yes, I’m glad this looks as good as I thought it did”. So I make conscious effort to tell people when they are wearing colors that compliment them and make them shine.

If we look at current fashion trends, we see that the 80’s and 90’s are back with a vengeance. So in that same vein, I bring back the 1980 classic beauty book….. Color Me Beautiful, by Carole Johnson. She proposes that every woman should know what colors look best on them.

There are two classes for skin tones, Warm and Cool, which are then broken down into the four seasons. And good news! It is fairly simple to determine which season you fall into. The easiest way to do it, is to put on a pure white shirt and silver jewelry, go outside in the natural daylight, face the sun and take a selfie J. Then put on a beige or tan shirt and gold jewelry and repeat selfie. Compare the two photos and decide if you look better in the white and silver, or beige and gold. When you have a blue or blue pink undertone, you look better in white and silver and are classified as a Cool skin tone. When you have a golden or orange undertone, you look better in beige and gold and are classified as a Warm skin tone.

Now if you fall into the cool category, do you look better in purple or red? If you like yourself in purple more then you are a Summer; if you like yourself in red more, then you are a Winter. People with a warm skin tone get to decide between green and blue. If you like yourself in blue more then you are a Spring; and if you like yourself in green more, then you are an Autumn.

Now neither Carole Johnson, nor I for that matter, are saying that you can’t wear blue and green if you are a Winter or Springs can’t wear purple. You can wear every color of the spectrum, just not every shade lol. Here are the suggestions from the 80’s phenomenon Color Me Beautiful…..

WinterCool Skin Tone Pure White, Light True Gray, Medium True Gray, Charcoal Gray, Black, Taupe, Navy Blue, True Blue, Icy Green, Icy Yellow, Icy Aqua, Icy Violet, Icy Pink, Icy Blue, Silver-toned Accessories, Royal Blue, Hot Turquoise, Chinese Blue, Lemon Yellow, Light True Green, True Green, Emerald Green, Pine Green, Shocking Pink, Deep Hot Pink, Magenta, Fuchsia, Royal Purple, Bright Burgundy, Blue-Red, True Red.
SpringWarm Skin Tone Ivory, Buff, Light Warm Beige, Camel, Golden Tan, Honey, Medium Golden Brown, Light Warm Grey, Light Navy, Light Gold, Bright Golden Yellow, Pastel Yellow-Green, Medium Yellow-Green, Bright Yellow-Green, Apricot, Light Orange, Peach, Salmon, Bright Coral, Pastel Pink, Coral Pink, Bright Warm Pink, Bright Red, Orange-Red, Medium Violet, Periwinkle Blue, Dark Periwinkle Blue, Light True Blue, Light Aqua, Bright Aqua, Emerald Turquoise, Gold-Tone Accessories
SummerCool Skin Tone Soft White, Rose-Beige, Cocoa, Rose-Brown, Light Gray-Blue, Charcoal Blue-Gray, Grayed Navy, Cadet Blue, Powder Blue, Sky Blue, Medium Blue, Periwinkle Blue, Pastel Aqua, Pastel Blue-Green, Medium Blue-Green, Deep Blue-Green, Light Lemon Yellow, Powder Pink, Pastel Pink, Rose Pink, Deep Rose, Watermelon, Blue-Red, Burgundy, Lavender, Orchid, Mauve, Raspberry, Soft Fuchsia, Plum, Silver-Tone Accessories.
AutumnWarm Skin Tone Oyster White, Warm Beige, Coffee Brown, Dark Chocolate Brown, Mahogany, Camel, Gold, Medium Warm Bronze, Yellow-Gold, Mustard, Pumpkin, Terra Cotta, Rust, Deep Peach, Salmon, Orange, Orange-Red, Bittersweet Red, Dark Tomato Red, Line Green, Chartreuse, Bright Yellow-Green, Moss Green, Grayed Green, Olive Green, Jade Green, Forest Green, Turquoise, T.eal Blue, Deep Periwinkle Blue, Gold-Tone Accessories